electropeasant the word is cribbed from william irwin thompson, wherein he named the pub-crawling contemporary public ‘electropeasantry’. i appropriated it, and am now using it as a tribute to those people that will now be contained within its pages. i will attempt to maintain the links, snarly tendrils that they are.

i will be focusing this iteration of electropeasant, a nomadic site floating without a true intention, to bringing ethnographic field recordings to your ears. there may be some gray area here and there, but this is the focus of my collecting and one of my passions.

i prefer the songs of people. the people unbounded by capitalism’s ethos. people alone or in a community. voice and drum, drum and flute, gatherings, celebrations, community music. indigenous genius. i love contemporary music also, but the anti-production, the idealism and the deeply understood and ancient rhythms and melodies present in this music are like drawing water from the ancient wells of this age’s far flung and individual cultures.

if you have a suggestion, question, thought or problem with any content contact pleasant at electropeasant dot com.