begin again

i released from myself for a variety of reasons. much later i found that antropoloops had sampled some of the recordings that i posted on electropeasant, and i decided to resurrect electropesant, but now as grow pauau. the name may change, but my commitment to maintaining and disseminating the ecstatic music of the past and twining it once more with the future remains. recently i realized that there are a plethora of digital archives online that are a bit difficult to browse and intentionally obscuring. blogs are still a positive tool with which to pass on real human expressions. though the glaze and gaze may feel cold, the tones contained within are warm. out of the cloud and into the heart. of course all music passing through this place is intended for research purposes only, in the words of the amazing Centre Recherche en Ethnomusicologie “Usage of the archives in the respect of cultural heritage of the original communities.” to me, the recordings contained herein belong to the spirit of the world. please support your local record stores, libraries, archives, and communities.

over the next few months i’ll be posting recordings that i found on the centre recherche en ethnomusicologie’s web page. though there is a wealth of information there, it is a bit difficult to access in any way that is contemporary to the rest of the internet. i hope that others will find this collection both more accessible and as wonderful as i do. i’m just beginning to dig into it and already i’ve uncovered quite a few gems. it’s an interesting comment on the legacy of imperialism that the nations most involved in conquest and empire building then later begat generations that found themselves interested in preserving the heritages of the peoples their past leaders had overtaken and yoked. this statement is not to discredit the sincere labor of the researchers and cultural anthropologists, ethnomusicologists, and enthusiasts that enable us to access the past from our laps.


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  1. so good news!! that’s how being human sounds 🙂
    keep it share it and do it

  2. great news my friend i was really disappointed when electropeasant stopped posting! excellent to see you are back!

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