hi everyone who finds themselves here. i have let this place lapse, and i apologize for my indolence regarding it. part of this comes from oversaturation and part from having wild music tastes and shifting intentions. i will do my best to relink the links here, they were removed by adrive because of their adoption of a new system.

i come across many different types of music, and though i love this original folk music, it is both unfair to myself and to you to remain in only this direction.

i will try to cross post a bit more. i’m also going to post documentaries and videos. i might change the name. it was either this new path, or total deletion of everything. so much is already readily available. i’m going to try to be more of a filter and less of a ripper. if anyone is reading this, do chime in and let me know. i’ll do some visual updates on the site too, to make it run more smoothly and look a little better.

ok, that’s it! deep love vibes to everyone. namaste!


2 responses to “change”

  1. I’ve loved your music shares here, as well as formerly at electropeasant.

  2. Candle Mambo Avatar
    Candle Mambo

    Thanks for everything!

    Looking forward to your new direction!

    All the best

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